In the Court of the Comic King

I do typesetting on some stuff and reblog/like other things. Mostly Touhou.

Occasional feels as well.

playing more games recently, both Fallout 3 and Deus Ex: HR have fallen beneath the might of my malformed fingers.

Now, time to do some tumblr work.

fallout 3 guy is pretty cool eh shoots mutants and gets good karma

The truth stings.

At least for myself.

So I did this instead.

So I did a chapter of Mamange, but Photoshop had to crash in the last possible moment before I saved the whole thing.

It’s getting an anime, right?

Then we can watch cringe in animated format!

Todays word - 56/113

A lovely dream at least.

tumblr makes a joke - according to tumblr itself

I had this lying around with text but no sfx, so I tried using a new font for that one.

today is time for some tumblring

Yeah... And then there's also Petting Reisen, Reverse, and Extra, if you're doing that. ^^; Oh BTW, one recommendation! I notice you stick into using one font for most of everything, including the logo. Try using different fonts and effects! BUT IDKKK THAT'S JUST MY OPINION BUT YEAH, GLLLL
sotodashi sotodashi Said:

Thanks, I’ve completely forgotten to use different fonts for sound effects. (pretty dumb)

I used to have a pretty good one before, but I suppose I’ll have to search for a new one in guides or so. As for the comics, I’m actually looking forward to the “Sanae’s Annoyingly Cute” one the most, I think that one will be a real blast to do.

I’m feeling something akin to writer’s block here. What should I say, what should I write; in order to transmit the feelings from this work? Maybe that I hope that you all can live happily and healthily to the fullest extent possible?

Part 1

This certainly qualify as feel-good serie in my opinion.

Part 2

HIIIII, I see you're translating Mamange for the public! I actually did it too, and share it with my friends. Just want to say good luck, if you're doing Volume 2! (90+ PAGES AHAHAHA) BUT YEAH GLLLLLL
sotodashi sotodashi Said:

Thanks, and some of the later chapters are really gonna be a pain considering that they are some with 10+ pages.  Not to mention that I’m a chronic procrastinator that as a tendency to juggle several projects at the same time (Mamange, Sanae Miracle, Today’s Word right now)

Children never want to admit that they are sleepy, do they?

And yet there will be a time when they will do nothing but stay in the bed, preferably after a late night. Personal experience.

Be wary of a kissing vampire, right?

Or else you might find yourself with anemia, in two different ways.

I screwed up on uploading this right before now, as I accidentally put up the big image in one piece!

Next is Mamange!